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Man Down and Lone Worker Features

Lone Worker and Man-Down Radios.



Lone Worker Feature.


Digital Two Way Radios helps to protect your staff at work


Two-way radios now have the ability to do so much more than transmit voices. Your radio can help your staff to be safer even when they are working alone. Radios that include Lone Worker allows you to know that even if an accident happened to your staff their radio will put out a call for help, giving you and them the peace of mind needed for their own peace of mind and to reduce the risk of litigation.


Safer staff


In situations where you need your staff to work alone, safety and communication is essential. The Motorola Digital Series radios provide the user with a number of ways to be safe.


Emergency button


Pressing the orange button on the top of a radio that has been programmed raises an alarm to other radios or a base station displaying the name or number of the radio that has initiated the call.


Lone Worker feature


Activating the Lone Worker feature on a radio enables a timer within the radio measures inactivity and will automatically send an emergency call to other radios or to a base station if the inactivity exceeds the timer.


Setting the timer at 30 minutes means every time the radio is used it ‘waits’ for 30 minutes before alerting the user that they need to press transmit button and if not pressed then calling the other radios or base.   This feature in conjunction with the tracking / positioning application helps your endangered staff member be quickly assisted.


Man Down


The Man Down option will detect if the radio is tilted between 30 to 60 degrees for a predefined period of time; detecting that the user has fallen unconscious or is injured. It will then activate the call to other radio users or to the base as above. A tone is emitted so that the radio user is aware that the alarm is about to be sent. This option can also be used in conjunction with the tracking / positioning application so you know where the emergency is taking place.


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