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IPECS UCP is Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s unified communications platform designed to help organisations communicate and collaborate with all of their stakeholders. IPECS Unified Communications helps people across your business be more productive and efficient regardless of their location or chosen device.


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iPECS UCS main features


Call control: Control all of your calls and telephony from your desktop or mobile client
• ClickCall: A simple mouse click to dial numbers from your screen
• Chat Instant Messaging: Chat to colleagues and collaborate on
simple questions and information exchange
• Call Through/Call Back: Call through your main office system
and secure reliable and cost effective call rates
• Outlook integration: Outlook contact and schedule synchronisation
• Audio Conference Manager: Voice conference (Ad-hoc, Room,
and Group), easily invite attendees using drag & drop
• Video Conference & Collaboration:
Video conference up to six colleagues on UCS Premium
including screen sharing, white board & web push functions
• Visual Voicemail: Manage all of your voicemail on your PC,
smartphone or tablet






Ericsson-LG IT Integration Levels


There are 3 levels of software that allows Ericsson-LG Phone Systems to integrate with IT applications.


1.       ClickCall – 2 licences are included with each system sold, this enables dialling from ANY application within Windows using your telephone handset.




2.       Unified Communications Solution – Or UCS Desktop.  Again 2 licences are included with each system sold.


This includes

·         ClickCall

·         Synchronisation with Outlook

·         Visual Voice Mail

·         Audio Call – Screen pop showing your Outlook contacts as they call you

·         Audio Conference for upto 32 parties

·         Video Call

·         Video Conference




3.       PhoneLink


This integrates with a very wide range of CRM applications from most industries.  Bespoke installations are available upon request too.