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Leased Lines

Superfast Broadband For Local Business


With the growth of email and web transactions a high quality, highly reliable, and high speed internet line is more important than ever.  The biggest issue is that businesses are the last to receive such a service at a low cost.  Prestige Communications can help.   In many cases we can remove the line installation costs and, where your neighbours are in agreement, share the costs of a line – each getting high speeds and high reliability.


With Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) and Leased Lines the speed you can download large files or stream video is the same as the speed you can upload, making them ideal for organisations large or small or who require faster internet speeds and need a reliable internet access.


Why is Prestige Communications supplying something which is often seen as more IT related than telephones?  Well Unified Communications means that your IT and Phone systems are becoming intertwined, your mobile is an extension of your office desk phone, so when you are out of the office you get both office and mobile calls.   You can now click to dial (or highlight and dial) from your laptop / PC through your telephone handset; your customer’s information can now display on your computer as that customer calls you, both saving a lot of time and money as well as giving a more pleasurable experience to your customers.   The unification of IT and Phones goes further by making calls via your internet line (SIP or VoIP) so using the same network cables and often the same IT Network Switches. SIP gives you greater flexibility in the number of people who can call in and be called at the same time - without impacting too heavily on your budget, and in most cases saves you money by removing the need for traditional analogue and digital BT lines (PSTN or ISDN).


SIP / VoIP calls are typically cheaper than calls made via traditional lines, for that and other advantages of SIP please read our dedicated page. (link to SIP page)


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